Contraception Services

Comprehensive advice is available from the doctors during normal surgery consultations. The “morning after” pill can be prescribed when appropriate. You need to seek advice within 72 hours!

Child Health Surveillance

The eight-week checks are carried out by doctors. Other checks are carried out by the health visitor. Appointments for these are sent directly.

Minor Surgery And Cryotherapy

If a minor surgical procedure is deemed suitable, arrangements for this will be made at the surgery. Some skin lesions are suitable for treatment with cryotherapy. An appointment can be arranged following assessment by a doctor.

Cervical Smears

The practice nurse takes most smears, and appointments may be made through reception.

Influenza Vaccination

A comprehensive programme is organised each year and appointments are sent to all those in at-risk groups.

Foreign Travel And Advice

For initial enquiries and advice please leave details with one of the receptionists or contact the nurse. Some vaccinations are covered by the NHS; others are not.

Specialist Disease Management Clinics

Patients who have a chronic, ie ongoing, condition eg diabetes, asthma or angina may be asked to attend specially run clinics where we concentrate on that condition.

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